Change in electronics screenings at KCI airport could mean longer wait times at security checkpoints

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Going through security at KCI is about to get more complicated.

The Transportation Security Administration announced Friday there will be new carry-on screening procedures at Kansas City International Airport security checkpoints.

If you carry electronics larger than a cell phone, you’ll now have to take that device out of a bag and put it in a separate bin. Previously, you only had to do that with laptops.

In July 2017, TSA began putting the new requirement into action in airports across the country — Kansas City being the latest airport to make the change.

TSA says as threats change, security changes, too.

“Everything we have is there for a reason. Nothing is arbitrary,” said Mark Howell with KCI’s TSA. “The shoes tie back to the shoe bomb plot. The liquid limits (tie) to a liquid plot. The machinery and the technology we have in the checkpoint is all rooted in these threats as well.”

The best advice: Arrive at the airport early and plan for more time in line as people get used to the new change.