Grandview firefighters rescue 3 people, 1 dog after passing neighbor sees smoke

GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- Grandview firefighters say they were called out to a house near 10th Terrace and 139th Street just after midnight on Saturday. When they arrived, they found heavy smoke and fire coming from the house.

FOX4's Sherae Honeycutt found out a simple fix could have stopped the fire before it spread.

"It was a lot of chaos for sure," said Josh Jenkins who was the first to see the fire.

Video was provided to FOX4 by a neighbor that does not want to be identified.

"I was driving home from work, and turned up the street, and of course it was raining and it looked like a big patch of fog in front of me. When I drove through I could smell the smoke, I knew it wasn't fog," Jenkins said.

Fire officials say Jenkins was a vital part of saving the lives of the people inside.

"It was a complete team effort. Not only fire personnel but PD on the scene, and then the neighbor that actually drove by saw the house was on fire , and called 911, and started that initial rescue operation," said Grandview Fire Captain Doug Stark.

Grandview Fire Marshall Lewis Austin says the people in the home woke up to flames.

"The smoke alarm was taken down about a week ago to replace the battery. He never put it back up again," Austin said.

"That's one of the simplest things we can do to keep our homes safe. So, I would encourage everyone to go and look at their smoke detectors, and make sure they're functional, with an operating battery in them," Captain Stark said.

One resident made it out through a window, fire crews went in to save the others, and Max the dog is still recovering from smoke inhalation.

Stark says when they found Max they didn't think the was going to make it because he was inside around five minutes longer than everyone else.

Jenkins took care of Max until a family member was able to come and get him.

Jenkins says he's just glad everyone made it out okay.

"Time is everything, especially when people are trapped. So, him acting the way he did, and responding the way he did and quickly - that was everything," Captain Stark said.

Austin says the fire started in the living room, and wasn't from a portable heater.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

All the victims are expected to survive.