The man who would become governor if Eric Greitens resigns

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — With talks of possible resignation in the air for Missouri governor Eric Greitens, people are wondering how Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson compares.

Lt. Governor Parson is a former state representative and state senator. He would be the next governor if Greitens resigns.

In November 2016, Parson was elected Missouri’s 47th Lt. Governor. A Republican, he was victorious in 110 of Missouri’s 114 counties, and he received the most votes of any Lieutenant Governor in Missouri history. Prior to his swearing-in, Lieutenant Governor Parson served as the Polk County Sheriff from 1993-2005.

He and his wife live in Bolivar, in Southwest Missouri. He operates a cow and calf operation there. Lieutenant Governor Parson is an advocate of second amendment rights. He is also vocal about protecting rights for farmers and ranchers.

In his current office, he wants to focus on veterans, tourism and agriculture.