These 10 zip codes are the most expensive in the metro for auto insurance

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Have you checked your car insurance bill lately? Chances are your rates are going up, and according to one report, they're jumping more in the Kansas City metro than the rest of the country.

The Zebra, a website that tracks rates across the country, says insurance rates have gone up 20 percent nationwide since 2011, but they've increased 32 percent in Kansas City.

“I was paying more for my insurance than I was for my car payment," Paul Edwards said.

“Everyone is polite, but there’s a lot of horrible drivers out there, just because you’re polite doesn’t mean you’re good," Kyle Hopkins said, guessing as to why rates might be going up faster in the metro.

The Zebra says it's most likely a combination of severe weather, a population increase and lower gas prices.

Edwards recently raised his deductible from $500 to $1,000 to try to lower his costs.

Farmer's Insurance agent Kent Jewett said cutting corners can be costly.

“You may remove half of your coverage and save $10 a month. Saving you $10 a month may cost you tens of thousands of dollars in the event of a loss," Jewett said.

The Zebra's study, titled "The State of Auto Insurance 2018," says the following 10 zip codes, mostly on Kansas City’s east side, pay more for car insurance than anywhere else around town. They are 64123, 64124, 64109, 64127, 64130, 64128, 64120, 64132, 64125 and 64102.

The zip codes seems to mirror Kansas City’s crime data for increased car thefts in recent months.

However, according to the report, even if you have an alarm, tracking and a disabling device, your total savings will likely be less than $20 a year.

Jewett recommends bundling but said the best advice to save on car insurance may be the simplest.

“Being a safe driver, obeying the traffic laws, putting down the cellphone -- those things will affect your premiums because you aren’t getting the tickets or accidents," he said.

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