Homeowners shocked after trash truck slams into Prairie Village home, leaving driver in critical condition

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. -- A quiet Prairie Village neighborhood was rocked by a loud bang Wednesday morning when a garbage truck slammed into a home near 83rd Street and Cedar, leaving the driver critically injured.

“Not exactly a normal morning,” homeowner Rick Evrard said.

Evrard can still hardly believe what he witnessed at his home Wednesday morning.

“I was outside trying to get the garbage pails in and talked to the gentleman in the garbage truck. He left, took all our garbage,” Evrard said.

A few minutes later, Evrard said he was standing at the front door and saw the truck coming around the corner, careening into his front lawn.

“And it barreled right into the house,” he said.

His wife inside heard Rick scream. They both rushed to help the driver.

“Oh, I jumped out of the house, and I saw the man, the driver, lying in the street," Evrard said. "So I ran to him immediately and tried to help him out."

Officials don't know yet what happened to cause the crash.

“We don’t know if he lost control or became incapacitated while he was driving," said Ed Barger, Johnson County Consolidated Fire District battalion chief. "But he exited the vehicle at some point before it entered up into the yard, and the vehicle went through the yard and ended up into the house.”

The out-of-control trash truck also clipped a gas meter before slamming into the house. Emergency crews had to evacuate part of the neighborhood until the gas could be shut off and the damage fixed.

The Evrards are thankful to have escaped safely and for the chance to help the injured driver.

“I just stayed with him, and my wife came out of the house and we just tried to help the young man," Evrard said. "Natural instinct I guess. It’s kind of what you would’ve done yourselves, I’m sure."

The driver was taken to an area hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

City code enforcement and a structural engineer are determining what will need to be done to the house to shore it up and make it safe for the homeowners to return.