Man afraid for his big brother who was charged with fleeing KC police naked on ATV

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Dubbed the “Breezy Rider,” Johnathon Menth led police on a chase on the interstate, through yards and pastures while riding an ATV naked.

Many people have gotten a good laugh over the situation, but not everyone thinks it's funny.

“That’s my brother, you know. I love him to death,” said David Menth, who worries about his brother Johnathon every moment of every day and has since they were kids.

“He was 12; I was 7 when my dad died. He committed suicide," Menth said. “Johnathon has never dealt with it. He started acting out.”

Acting out in ways that led to mental health issues, drug addiction and even a rap sheet, including a stint in prison. Menth said he and his family have been trying to get Johnathon in treatment for years. But he refuses and since he's an adult, there's nothing they can do.

David Menth is frustrated with the situation.

“Because I am sitting here watching my brother go down hill day-in and day-out just for what? For everyone else’s enjoyment?”

Kindra Dorman is the executive director of Midwest Institute for Addiction. She said the only way to force an adult to get help is to let them hit rock bottom.

“The main thing family members can do is seek help for themselves and a way to appropriately handle their loved one’s addiction,” Dorman said.

Menth hopes that this will be Johnathon’s rock bottom so one day he can have his brother back.

“I am so scared to lose my brother because he is my blood, and he is the only one I have had ever since my dad has committed suicide,” Menth said. “Anybody that knows Johnathon would tell you that when he is not on drugs, he is a wonderful person. He is loving. he is caring.”

The folks at Midwest Institute for Addiction say for every dollar spent on mental health and drug treatment, it saves the community $7 on healthcare and criminal justice costs.

Johnathon Menth is being held in the Clay County jail, facing a long list of charges. He is being held on a $50,000 bond with the condition that if he does post bond, he is not allowed to go outside unless fully clothed.