Parents say 4 Lee’s Summit teens, charged after allegedly bringing guns to school, threatened their son

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LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — A witness told police four Lee's Summit teens charged with unlawful use of a weapon threatened another student when they allegedly brought guns to the school's campus Wednesday morning.

Two days later, the parents of the teen who was threatened are still shocked by what could have been a very dangerous situation.

Police were tipped off to the danger by a student who told his parents that he saw four men in the parking lot with guns. That parent called the school and police.

Court documents describe a confrontation between 11th-grader Nathan Macha and Scott Ryan, Tynan Mullen, Tanner Nicholson and Landon Mikle.

The four Lee's Summit teens charged with bringing a loaded weapon on to school grounds.

A witness who saw the group in the parking lot of Lee’S Summit High School told police the group of four told Macha they were there to “take care of business” and flashed guns.

The witness told police he saw the group surround Macha and heard one of them say, “Don’t ever talk about me again or I will kill you.”

“It’s crazy; it’s unreal,” said Macha’s father, Randy. “With all of this stuff going on down in Florida and everything and all of this stuff that has been happening here in Kansas City with the call ins and everything else, it is just crazy.”

Macha and Ryan were friends, his parents said. Macha’s mom even opened her home to Ryan.

“Scottie kind of just camped out with Nathan,” said Macha’s mom Michelle Olguin. “He was having issues at home. Scottie is good at making you think things are terrible.”

The friendship ended when Macha’s parents banned their son from hanging out with the group because they said they were troublemakers.

Police tracked the four suspects down at a home in Lee’s Summit. They said they found a long list of guns, ammunition and drugs in the car, including an AR-15 style rifle, which police say is owned by Ryan’s mother.

“I think she should have had them locked up. Scottie has stolen from his mom before,” Olguin said.

Macha’s parents said they feel safe sending Nathan back to school. The four suspects are in jail, charged with unlawful use of a weapon. They have not been charged with threatening Macha.