UMKC receives huge grant for research-and-development project to aid national security

KANSAS CITY, Mo. --  Leaders at University of Missouri-Kansas City announced Friday that they have some unique plans for the largest non-health research grant in the school’s history.

The school plans to split $7.2 million among several departments to research drones. The school will also receive a $7.7 million contract to help develop technologies to reduce national security threats.

While there are many pros to using a drone such as easy aerial pictures or package delivery, there are still some cons. For example, it could damage a plane. There are also national security threats associated with drones.

“We at the university come up with the ideas and develop the technology and then we transition that off to a large defense contractor who would ultimately be the manufacturing point to take this forward to the fleet in terms of having a part number that the DOD can use to put on a ship or on a building” said  Anthony Caruso, UMKC Associate Vice Chancellor Of Research.

“Being exposed to a place where they have to deliver something on time and their equipment has to work and the embarrassment that comes with things not working and/or having to repair in the field because FedEx dropped it 3 feet. All of these things are all real world that they get hired immediately,” Caruso added.