Woman caught in middle of crash, shooting near 23rd and Denver hopes alleged suspect is captured

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It started with a car crash and escalated to a deadly shooting. Three days later, police still want to find the killer.

And the woman who was caught in the middle of the deadly crime hopes they do.

“I was going home from work, going east on 23rd street, to pick my daughter up from practice," the woman whose white Buick was hit in the crash-turned-shooting near 23rd and Denver. "That's my regular, everyday commute going through there."

It's an everyday drive that turned dangerous Tuesday afternoon.

The scene of the car crash-turned-fatal shooting near 23rd and Denver.

Police say 37-year-old Cornelius Coleman ran a stop sign at 23rd and Denver and hit the vehicle of the woman, who wanted to remain anonymous.

“He got to me really quickly," the woman said. "I really had no way of avoiding it. He came out of nowhere, just knocked me over three lanes and into someone's yard. I was shaking so hard, and it was hurting so much.”

She said she didn't even have time to react after the crash before she heard gunshots.

“It happened so fast -- before I could even finish answering the questions from OnStar,” she said.

According to court documents, witnesses say Coleman tried to run away from the crash. Police say Coleman caused that crash while speeding away from another crash, several blocks away.

As Coleman tried to run away from 23rd and Denver, the husband of the woman involved in the original crash showed up looking for a fight.

Witnesses say that man, Francisco Torres, pushed Coleman to the ground.

Both men pulled out guns. Then Torres allegedly shot Coleman before speeding away.

This is the man police want to speak to about the deadly shooting.

“Obviously he didn't care about my life or his,” the woman driving the white Buick said.

Police say two witnesses took photos of Torres' getaway car and helped them find his wife. She texted her husband several times as detectives talked to her, asking him to turn himself in.

At this point, he is still on the run. If you know anything about Francisco Torres' whereabouts, call the TIPS hotline.

He faces multiple charges when he is taken into custody.