2 arrested for shooting at officers, search for 3rd suspect underway near 25th and Poplar

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two people accused of leading police on a chase and firing shots at officers Tuesday have been taken into custody, but the search for a third continues.

Police say it was around 11 a.m., when officers patrolling the area near 27th and Oakley noticed the suspects shooting into a home.

Officers pursued the suspects, but the suspects opened fire on police. Officers shot back.

Kansas City police eventually chased the suspects to Blue Valley Park, 24th and Brighton, where the suspects crashed and ran away. They didn't make it far. Two of the suspects were taken into custody. Police say they believe these suspects are the shooters, but they did not say why they believe this.

Police are now searching for one additional suspect in the area of 25th and Poplar.

If you have any information that can help police in their search for the final suspect, call (816) 474-TIPS.

Kari Thompson, a spokesperson for the Kansas City Police Department said officers will be on the scene for a while gathering evidence.

"Police will be on the scene for quite a while because of the size of the perimeter/incident and the criminal activity in multiple locations. They’ll work this slowly so that they have a sound case," Thompson said.

A look at the scene near 26th and Topping.

A look at the scene near 26th and Topping.

A look at the scene near 26th and Topping.