Joe’s Weather Blog: Chilly stretch will moderate for awhile (WED-3/7)

Good afternoon…sort of a winter look out there today with lots of clouds and temperatures well below average. Have more than a few people talk to me today about the crazy weather from yesterday…between the snow…the graupel…the clouds…the snow. It was fascinating. It sort of reminded me of what you would find in the Great Lakes region or perhaps in the mountain areas…they have that type of weather during the winter…because of the Lake effect snows and in the mountains the elevation changes. The cold air though is still coming into the area…hence the struggle for us today to get out of the 30s with the blustery winds. Yesterday the highest winds were clocked at 47 MPH at KCI…there were some 50+ mph winds in the region as well.


Tonight: Clearing skies and cold with lows near 20°

Thursday: We start to dig out of the colder weather with more sunshine and milder temperatures. Highs will be closer to 45-50°

Friday: Better with highs 55-60°


As Wicked Weather Week continues on FOX 4 tonight at 5 and 9PM…today the focus shifts to hail and the damage it causes. Michelle will be tackling that subject tonight. Hail can be a very destructive force to personal property and also to agriculture. Michelle will look at the reason hail forms and the destructive power of the stones that fall.

Tomorrow is Lightning Day then on Friday Mike takes a look at the advances in severe weather and how we keep our viewers safe during storms.

Meanwhile…it’s looking like winter out there. March can be a very fickle month. Ups and downs are more typical of the month…it could be 20° at night…it could be near 80° in the afternoon. We can have snowstorms (ha!) or severe weather outbreaks. The month goes all over the place.

Just look at what’s happening back east…what a forecast nightmare this has been from Philly to Boston. 50 mile track changes when you’re on the edge of 12″ of snow can be tough to stomach…and the model data has been typically waffling 25-50 miles in terms of who gets the heaviest snows.

The snow is really starting to come down now for the interior areas of the Northeast as the latest radar from Penn State illustrates.

Nothing is sticking in NYC yet…they’re still around 35° but they’re starting to see a changeover now…and it may start pouring snow later this afternoon there…as the storm intensifies. There is enough vertical motion happening that thundersnows are not out of the question, as a matter of fact there’s been an increase in the lightning reports since I started this blog as the storm really gets going. This indicates air that is rapidly rising in the areas getting the thunder.


Here is the latest forecast via the NWS in the NYC region…

and in Boston…

Look at that gradient up there…near the Boston area from nearly nothing to 12+”.

Winter storm warnings are in effect for many areas up there obviously via Pivotal Weather

They get the crazy stuff…we get the clouds.

There isn’t a lot to really talk about locally either for awhile…the next storm over the weekend will mostly pass well south of the region…meaning heavy rains towards Dixie…and while I can’t totally rule out some light showers locally later Saturday…tough to imagine we get much out of that. Right now Snake Saturday weather looks OK for the parade. Chilly but OK.

Our feature photo is from Charlie Ray on the northside of the snow from yesterday.


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