Odessa woman says neighbor needlessly shot her pit bull when he ‘feared for his life’

ODESSA, Mo. -- A pit bull's death has two Odessa neighbors at odds.

“It’s just so hard to even think about right now,” April Shovick said as she wiped tears from her eyes.

Shovick said her heart’s broken because she’s missing her beloved two-year-old pit bull mix, Landon.

“Me and my daughter were there when the puppies were born and to watch Landon grow up and then he’s gone,” she said.

Shovick said on Feb. 22, her next door neighbor, Mike Frerking, pulled up in his driveway in Odessa, Missouri, and within moments Shovick said her three dogs ran up to Frerking.

“Yes, they ran onto his property, but they were just wanting to greet him, lick him and play with him. My dogs aren’t vicious,” she said.

Shovick also said in video taken from her security cameras, you first see her neighbor walk her dogs back to her property. Then, she said Mike Frerking went inside his barn, returned with a gun and shot Landon, killing the pit bull mix.

Watch the surveillance footage in the video above. Note: Some viewers might find the footage disturbing.

“There’s no reason for him to kill him because he could’ve easily gone in and called the cops,” Shovick said.

Frerking declined an on-camera interview but said he told Lafayette County sheriff’s deputies that when Shovick’s dogs got onto his property he “feared for his life” and that’s when he said he shot and killed the pit bull mix.

But Shovick doesn't agree with his reasoning.

“I mean, when you look at the video, there’s no way he could’ve feared for his life," Shovick said. "He’s standing so far away from my dog, and I don’t think Landon was moving, and he might have been standing or just sitting there and he shot him."

Both dog owners admit in the past their dogs have gotten on each others’ properties.

Shovick said she put up security cameras to protect her land. Now, she's considering talking to a lawyer.

On Friday morning, Captain Aaron Dye, Deputy Chief with the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office, got back to FOX4’S Robert Townsend and said a police report was not initially taken on Feb. 22nd, the day of the incident.

However, as of today, Captain Dye says “one of their deputies has enough information and is now putting together a report.”  Captain Dye also says early next week the report will be submitted to the Lafayette County Prosecutor for a review to see if any criminal charges should be filed in the matter.