KC police chase ends in Northland family’s back yard after suspect tries to break into home

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A lengthy police chase in Kansas City came to a crashing end Thursday afternoon in the Northland. One of the suspects ditched the car and tried to break into a house.

Kansas City police surrounded a gold car at North Oak Trafficway and Northcrest Drive after the suspect vehicle slammed into a hill after a long police pursuit around the city.

After the car crashed, nearby neighbors started locking their doors as they saw the suspect get out and take off running right down the hill. He proceeded around the corner, ending up in another person’s backyard.

“I just knew something was up," Donald Buckingham said. "I didn't know exactly what because most people don't come up to your back door to want to see you. They go to your front door."

Buckingham said the suspect jiggled the sliding door trying to break in, then pounded on the glass. His wife was downstairs and came running up when she heard the commotion.

“He said, 'There's been some sort of police take-down in the middle of the backyard,'” Suzie Buckingham said.

The suspect tried to scale their stone retaining wall but couldn't make the climb. Officers swarmed in, capturing the suspect.

“We were very impressed that it happened so quickly,” Suzie Buckingham said.

The couple is glad they trusted their instincts and didn't let the would-be intruder inside -- and that they recently replaced a broken lock on that sliding glass door.

“That's probably what's bothering me the most, just thinking if the door hadn't been locked or if we would've been in the yard or who knows," Suzie Buckingham said. "A year ago that lock broke, and we almost didn't even fix it. It's one of those things that you never know why things happen. But I think he would've been able to break in if we didn't replace it."

A police K-9 was brought in to sniff their yard for drugs, which has left the Buckingham's rescued puppy a little nervous.

“She's very protective and still searching her yard to make sure it's all safe,” Suzie Buckingham said.

Police are still investigating and haven't released details about the chase. But the Buckingham family is thankful for the officers’ quick action and to be safe and sound after an unexpected visitor.

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