City makes changes at dangerous intersection, but some worry that it won’t make a difference

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The city has made changes to an intersection with a dangerous track record, but those who must cross it daily say they aren't sure it will make a difference.

The intersection is 25th and Charlotte. A bus crash killed a man there less than two weeks ago.

It’s just one of the problem areas that neighbors, faculty and students at UMKC say is dangerous.

The city says it's too soon to tell if the removal of traffic signals makes it safer.

“At first, they had the lights still up, and they had them covered, which added to confusion, and just last week they took down the lights completely,” says Fred Drummond, who walks this intersection to and from class daily.

He says this intersection is prone to crashes and is dangerous for drivers and pedestrians.

“People aren't used to stopping on this one way, and they're running this stop sign,” adds Drummond.

On March 2, a man died after a metro bus hit the car he rode in. More than a dozen passengers were taken to nearby hospitals.

“It's very unfortunate this accident happened obviously, but what we know at that intersection is that it was clearly marked with the stop signs. The stop signs also have a sign on them that says 'cross traffic does not stop,' and we went above and beyond the federal guidelines by then installing warning signs some distance back to let people know as they approach that intersection that there had been a change and there were new stop signs, and cross traffic does not stop,” says Chris Hernandez, a city spokesman.

Hernandez says changes were made in October after neighbors in this area contacted the city because they were concerned about speeding.

“We took a look at the overall intersection, other nearby intersections, and the decision was made to adjust that signalization in order to make it safer,” adds Hernandez.

Drummond says the changes are better for foot traffic because you don't have to wait for the light to change, but says he's not sure it will help the overall problems.

“We do have to look more and be more cautious to make sure individuals are going to see this stop sign before we walk across the street,” Drummond says. “Honestly, I think the best option would have been to keep the red lights and have them flashing for the traffic on the one way.”

City crews removed the street lights at 25th and Charlotte since that deadly bus crash and say the removal was planned long before the crash.

The city says you can always call 311 to alert them to any issues. They check out every complaint.