All KCMO health clinics closed for day as staff, volunteers join in on emergency drills

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- All Kansas City, Mo., health clinics will be closed Tuesday as the health department conducts a full-scale emergency exercise.

The health department wants to make sure they are prepared to respond to disease outbreaks and bioterrorism.

Staff and volunteers will be a part of the emergency drills at all 13 metro clinics.

The drills will test the clinic's capabilities of organizing mass vaccinations and other capabilities of dispensing medication such as antibiotics on an emergency scale.

"This is just one of our exercising components of one of our preparedness plans," William Snook said. Snook works with the KCMO Health Department. "So we need to make sure we keep practicing and improving and engaging other partners so we can actually all come together when there’s actually an event."

If such an emergency were to happen, the medications would be provided by the federal government with the health department delivering the aid.

All of the health clinics will reopen Wednesday.