Ray-Pec students upset that school administrators made them shift time of walkout

PECULIAR, Mo. -- Students at Raymore-Peculiar High School say they are frustrated that school administrators ignored their plan to walkout of class today.

Students say they planned to walk out from 10 to 10:17 a.m. -- just like thousands of other students here in the metro, and nationwide.

Some of the students who coordinated the walkout say the school made them change their plans.

The students were allowed to walkout, but they say the walkout at Ray-Pec happened later than they wanted. Instead of 10 a.m., the school changed the time from 10:36 to 11:06.

Students say the later time fell into schoolwide study time, so no one missed classes. Some students say they're thankful the school didn’t completely prohibit their demonstration, but say it was upsetting that the walkout was on the school's terms, when it was supposed to be students taking a stand.

“I was really mad that the school wasn't going to let us do it at the same time, because the point was that it's 17 minutes for each of the victims, and it needs to be with everyone else, because despite time zones, it's the idea of it being a united thing,” said student Zoe Shriner.

“It kind of felt a little bit disrespectful, because I felt like a lot planning went into the student-driven one, and no consideration was provided,” Laura Mussatti, another student, said.

In the end, more than 100 students walked to the stadium and sat in the bleachers. They sat in silence for about 20 minutes as a tribute.