Devastated daughters say KC cemetery botched mother’s burial after grave is ‘compromised’

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro family is fuming after they say a KC cemetery botched their late mother's burial.

“Our parents aren’t at rest," Diana Daily said. "We’re all just sick. We can’t go on with our daily lives.”

“My mother needs to be in her resting place and these people screwed up,” Dollie Rodgers said.

The sisters said last Friday they were at their mother’s wake when an employee from Forest Hill Cemetery called and told the family their loved one, 74-year-old Barbara Green, couldn't be buried above her 75-year-old husband Hardy.

“It’s just too hard to talk about," Daily said. "You wake up; you realize it’s not a dream. I mean, you wake up in tears, and you go to bed in tears.”

The family said they were told their father’s grave “had been compromised.”

What’s more, they said when they went to Forest Hill the next day, they learned another person is buried under their dad, who's been buried at the cemetery near 69th and Troost for the last eight years.

“They knew somebody was underneath him because they couldn’t go any deeper with him. He’s supposed to go down 9 feet and then my mom goes down 6 feet when they bury her on top of him,” Rodgers said.

The heartbroken sisters said in 1988 their parents signed a contract and paid Forest Hill more than $2,000 to be buried together in a double plot.

“I want them to fix it," Rodgers said. "I want them to admit they did something wrong because right now they haven’t."

The cemetery said they're trying to get things fixed.

“The family brought it to my attention actually last Saturday, and I’ve been working diligently to try to get things changed around and working with the family. I’ve only been on the job for three months,” Eric Boyd, the cemetery’s area sales manager, said during a phone interview.

But the sisters aren't putting any weight in the cemetery's promises.

“They’ve lied to us too many times," Rodgers said. "I don’t believe a word these people say. They took mom and dad for their money, and they’re not here. We’re standing up for my parents, and we’re talking to a lawyer."

In the meantime, Boyd also said he and the cemetery’s corporate representatives will meet Monday at Forest Hill to discuss the burial mix-up.