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Kansas City man reunited with truck stolen from Belton repair shop

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- When it comes to paying a tow bill, there are few people as grateful as Dave Patmore.

“Thank you, thank you,” Patmore told Kansas City Tow Lot Director Nate Pare. “This is my baby.”

To understand why Patmore is so grateful, you need to know what happened in February. That’s when Patmore’s 1969 Ford pickup was stolen from the parking lot of a Belton repair shop, Jim’s Discount Mufflers.

Patmore was understandably upset about his missing truck and furious that the repair shop manager still refused to refund the $600 he’d just paid for the repair bill.

“He gave me the keys, and I gave him the cash,” Patmore said. “He said it's in the side lot, and I went out there, and it was gone.”

After FOX4 Problem Solvers got involved, the shop owner agreed to reimburse Patmore for about half of the repair bill.

But Patmore, a local musician, figured he’d never see his truck again. Then, as luck should have it, while Patmore was performing out of state, he got a call from Kansas City police.

“They said they recovered my truck," he said. "I thought it was coincidental since (FOX4's) story had just aired a couple of days earlier.”

His truck, which was stolen in Belton, was discovered abandoned at 107th Street and Greenwood Road in Kansas City.

The ignition had been drilled, the batter and air filter were missing, and the axle was bent. But Patmore isn’t complaining. He’s glad to have his reliable workhorse back (after some major repairs) and to have this problem solved.