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Wonderscope Children’s Museum breaks ground on new home at Red Bridge Shopping Center

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Wonderscope Children's Museum has been a popular destination for families in the metro, and soon they'll have a new home for families to visit.

Groundbreaking for the new museum going in at the Red Bridge Shopping Center, East Red Bridge and Holmes roads, happened Monday.

The museum is moving from Shawnee to south Kansas City and they expect most of the 70,000 plus folks who visit each year to come with it. They believe the move will mean more visitors come 2020 when the new museum is finished.

The museum will also be conveniently located near the Mid-Continent Library.

The fundraising for this project began last year and brought in around $12 million for the move.

Wonderscope joined handful of new businesses in this shopping center, and it is about 15 minutes from the museum's soon-to-be old space.

The facility is designed after museums in Omaha, Lincoln and St.Louis.

Folks at Wonderscope say they will continue to invest in the current building until they close.