Liberty sports store targeted in overnight burglary

LIBERTY, Mo. -- Police are searching for a person who broke into a Liberty sports store and made off with about $2,500 worth of items.

The owner of MoSports got a call from his security company Monday morning, telling him someone broke in. The thief took off with about $2,500 worth of merchandise that included autographed pictures of Chiefs players, Kansas City Royals jerseys, and even baby Royals sports gear.

Opening Day for the Royals is a little more than a week away.

"They probably figured they could sell those to friends or family or something and make some money that way," said Nathan Halter, owner of MoSports. "I think it was opportunistic. And jerseys are more valuable than shirts."

MoSports wasn't the only store targeted in the strip mall on North Cedar Avenue. Thieves tried their luck, but weren't successful at The Upper Cut KC, a butcher shop next door.

"There was scars and marks on both the door jam and the door," said Rod Davenport, an employee at the Upper Cut KC.

Employees at the shop say the whole situation makes them feel uneasy.

"It's eerie," said Davenport. "Because you never know when someone could come in. Even in the day, they could come behind you. And who knows what could happen to you."

Nathan Halter wants his things back, and he wants the crimes in his community to stop.

"Just keep an extra eye out," said Halter. "Little extra security so this person maybe can get caught."

MoSports has certificates of authenticity on the signed photos that were stolen.

If you buy anything with the label, or suspect you bought stolen goods, contact the Kansas City Police Department.