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As number of kids injured by falling furniture rises, metro nonprofit works to prevent more accidents

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The number of children injured by furniture tipping over onto them is skyrocketing.

FOX4's Melissa Stern spoke to the founder of Charlie’s House, a metro organization that aims to prevent accidents like these in and around the home.

“On November 1st, my wife and I got the news that nobody ever wants to get -- an accident happened at home,” said Brett Horn, the founder of Charlie’s House. “A 30-inch dresser tipped over and killed one of our triplets, Charlie.”

The Horns founded Charlie’s House following that horrible accident. It's their mission to educate families and prevent accidents like the one that killed their son in 2007.

“It's a feeling that no parent should ever have to experience, but through Charlie`s House, it's been a great way for my family to heal and a mission for us to accomplish as we move through life,” Horn said.

A study released by Consumer Reports shows that accidents from furniture tipping over increased more than 30 percent between 2015 and 2016.

“Every year with reports like this that come out, it reminds us as parents, that we do need to take steps to childproof your home," Horn said. "Take it from me, you`d rather have a hole in your wall than a hole in your heart."

This year, Charlie’s House is taking a new approach. It's breaking ground on an interactive home at 24th and Campbell.

When complete, the house will be a place where parents and families can learn how to childproof a home.

“It will be the first demonstration home in the United States," said Jessica Earnshaw, the executive director of Charlie's House. "It will be a place where people can walk through and see the dangers in a house for toddlers and children and get materials to use in the home."

But Charlie’s House isn't waiting until the new home is built to help. The organization already offers free safety supplies like hardware to secure furniture to the wall, so it can't tip over onto a child.

Crowley Furniture teamed up with Charlie’s House and offers that free hardware to all customers in stores.

“We just want to promote awareness of furniture tipping and falling over and promote awareness of how to prevent injuries and accidents,” said Suzy Brummel, general manager at Crowley Furniture.

You can also find Charlie’s House at Liberty Hospital's Big Bunny Bash this weekend, to get supplies to protect your family.