KC Royals bring back popular legacy brick program to commemorate 50th season

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As the Royals get ready for their 50th season, they’re bringing back a popular program that lets you cement your love affair with the team.

As you walk into Kauffman Stadium anywhere on the third base side, you’ll find bricks with messages and memories from fans.

Royals Charities started the program back in 2009 with the renovation of the stadium and has given fans opportunities to purchase legacy bricks on three other occasions: the 2012 All Star Game, the 2014 American League Championship and the 2015 World Series title.

Now as part of the team’s 50th season, they’re opening it up again for fans to remember loved ones or just to commemorate a favorite part of going to Royals games.

“I think Royals fans are some of the most loyal fans in sports, and they already feel a connection to this stadium,” said Marie Dispenza, director of Royals Charities. “And of course we want them to literally have a piece of their memory, experience their Royals joy to live here at the stadium to bring fans closer to their favorite players, their favorite plays and their favorite memories.”

Legacy bricks start at $165. It’s $365 for one with the 50th Season logo. You also get a replica to display at your home or office. Proceeds from the sale benefit Royal Charities, supporting local children and military families.