Royals home games to feature special 50th season baseballs and plenty of history

KANSAS CITY, Mo.  -- On March 29, the Kansas City Royals will open the franchise's 50th season. On Thursday, fans got a first chance to buy some of the same items that will be in use during the games this year.

“Anything we could capture with 50 seasons this year we really tried to take advantage," Royals Director of Authentic Merchandise Sales Justin Villareal said.

The Royals Authentics store inside Kauffman Stadium is selling jerseys and bats with the 50th season logo, even dirt and water from the famed fountains.

But one of the hottest items of the year is sure to be game-used balls.

The Royals have given special permission from Major League Baseball to feature the 50th season logo on every ball pitched at the K this season. Official balls with the logo signed by Royals players are on sale now starting at $35.

Signed bats and jerseys commemorating the 50th season will likely cost you $150 or more.

“Just the results even today have been fantastic," Villareal said. "A lot of folks excited looking at the 50 seasons stuff and grabbing themselves some items. It just means that much. A logo is a one time deal you don’t to do 50 seasons. It doesn’t come again."

Banners are being hung outside the stadium of the 50 favorite Royals of all time that are being revealed each day up until next Thursday’s opener. Mike "Moose" Moustakas just checked in at No. 7.

What’s sure to be a memorable 50th season will also see some of those fan favorites make their return to Kansas City.

“I’m pretty excited just to see folks like Bo Jackson, potentially Jermaine Dye and Johnny Damon. Those guys I grew up watching and cheering, I’m going to see them back on the field again," Villareal said.

There will be one designated weekend a month with giveaways connected to Royals history where fan favorites are also expected to make appearances. The first of those is April 14 versus the Los Angeles Angels.