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Want to cheer on KU in the Final Four in San Antonio? It’s going to cost you

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jayhawk fans’ collective blood pressure has finally come down after an overtime victory over Duke that catapulted Kansas into the Final Four.

This is the first time in six years KU has made it this far, and they’re going to familiar territory — San Antonio, the site of the 2008 National Championship.

Now, many fans want to join them in Texas, but is the price too high?

“Nosebleed seats are $350 just for the semifinal, and that is quite expensive,” said Marc Kingston, a Jayhawk fan going to San Antonio. “If you want lower level, you’re easily in the thousand-dollar range.”

But it’s not just tickets KU fans have to pay for. Don’t forget the cost of getting there and finding somewhere to stay.

Marc Kingston and his wife

“Fortunately, we have family that lives down there in San Antonio,” Kingston said. “My father-in-law actually owns a souvenir t-shirt store down there right across from the Alamo and really close to the Alamodome.  They sell shirts for the Final Four and other apparel, so he asked me about a month ago to go on down there and help him out in his store, and conveniently now, KU Jayhawks are going to join us along the way.”

Kingston said they were planning on going to San Antonio regardless if KU won or not, but now it makes the trip that much sweeter.

“The flights that we got going down there were about $220, and I actually looked online today, and they were well over $700,” he said. “If they were available, you had to kind of go way out a couple days for that.”

According to a report from AirbnbWATCH, price gouging in San Antonio is a huge problem, leaving many fans unable to afford a place to stay. The report shows not just a small jump but increases of thousands of dollars per night during the weekend of the Final Four.

Kingston said it means the world to them to watch their favorite team in action.

“I went to school there, met my wife at KU; both her parents went to KU; her uncle went to KU, so crimson and blue bleeds definitely through our family, and we’re huge KU fans,” Kingston said.

But his family also just had the newest Jayhawk fan, a baby girl, join their family a few months ago, so how much they’re willing to shell out to cheer on the Jayhawks remains up in the air.

“If I get lucky and maybe we make it to the National Championship game, I can find some fan who had their team just lose,” he said. “So I can get a ticket off them for the National Championship game, so we’ll kind of play it by ear and see.”

As of now, the cheapest “all-session” tickets you can get are going for $325 each. If you’d really have some cash to burn, you can get a suite listed for more than $85,000.