Cadillac reveals new luxury SUV at General Motors plant in KCK

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Crowds in New York and Kansas City shared a special moment Tuesday, thanks to social media and Cadillac.

The company unveiled its newest vehicle at a joint reveal, shared across thousands of screens and in person at the General Motors Fairfax Assembly and Stamping Plant in Wyandotte County.

The moment has been years in the making. When it was time to show off the new Cadillac XT4, the excitement was in overdrive.

The company’s president kicked off his speech, live from Cadillac House in Manhattan, by thanking workers in KCK, the only place in the world the luxury crossover SUV will be built. It’s Cadillac’s first vehicle of its kind, and it’s the first time workers at the plant have built a Cadillac.

Crews, local car dealers and politicians were there to watch the launch team pull off the curtains at the same time as the team in New York.

“The Kansas auto workers, they’re kind of like the XT4," Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer said. "They’d sleek. They’re fast. They’re innovative. They’re best in class. Let’s hear it for the best auto workers in America right here.”

The XT4 goes on sale this fall, starting at about $35,000. The project doesn’t replace the third-shift layoffs at the plant from last fall, but it does mean 500 people working there now can keep their jobs.

The new Cadillac XT4, produced in KCK.