KC mom says Hogan Prep teacher inappropriately touched her 12-year-old daughter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A furious Kansas City mom said on March 18 her 12-year-old daughter, who’s a sixth grader at Hogan Preparatory Middle School, told her some shocking and disturbing news.

“She told me she needed help with her work and she says the teacher asked her to come over to the desk. She went over to the desk,” LaQuita Walker told FOX4’s Robert Townsend during an exclusive interview Tuesday.

The girl told her parents on March 12 she was alone in a tutoring class with her male teacher when he allegedly inappropriately touched her. FOX4 is not naming the teacher because he has not been charged with anything as of Tuesday night.

“He then started giving her a strange look is what she told me," Walker said. "After he was giving her a strange look, she was like, 'What?' He then instantly started rubbing on her thighs, rubbing her legs and starts going between her thighs."

Walker said on Monday her husband and daughter went to the school to meet with Hogan Prep’s principal.

“It was a brief meeting and then the principal claimed he was going to review surveillance cameras and do some type of investigation,” Walker said.

Walker wasn’t satisfied with the outcome of that meeting, so Tuesday she, her husband and their daughter went back to the school.

Walker admits when they passed her daughter’s classroom, the couple saw the teacher. Within moments, Walker said she and her husband approached the teacher and then began punching him. Kansas City police were called to the school.

“My husband asked him, 'Why have you been touching my daughter?' The teacher didn’t say nothing,” Walker said.

Kayshon Bazart, the girl’s classmate, said he witnessed the fight between the parents and his teacher.

“Imagine two people in a professional fight. I basically saw them just fighting,” Bazart said.

In a letter, sent home to parents Tuesday, Principal Zac Coughlin said “there was an incident involving parents and a teacher which led to a physical altercation."

Coughlin said the parents were removed from the building. He also stated the “school is working with the police department in their investigation. Our first priority is to ensure our students are safe.”

However, Coughlin never mentioned anything about the sixth-grade girl’s claims that her teacher allegedly inappropriately touched her.

“They are looking into every allegation, and we gave all of our information to Kansas City police, and we are now waiting for the results of their investigation,” Hogan Prep Superintendent Danny Tipton told FOX4's Robert Townsend via phone.

Tipton also said the male teacher was assaulted by the Walkers and their daughter. The superintendent said the first-year teacher was hurt during the incident on March 12, treated in the emergency room and remains off the job pending the results of the police investigation.

Tipton said administrators have now learned the Walkers actually live in the Hickman Mills School District, and the couple’s sixth-grade daughter will have to be transferred to a school in that district.

What’s more, a furious LaQuita Walker said her daughter has now been expelled from school for 10 days. The girl is accused of hitting her teacher during the assault between her parents and her teacher.

“That’s not true. My daughter wasn’t even in the classroom when we got into it with the teacher," she said. "You expel my daughter from school when your teacher is sitting in here? He was supposed to be out of the building Monday. I have called the state, and they plan to do a thorough investigation, and I have filed a police report. Yes, we do plan to talk to a lawyer."