KC neighborhood hoping to honor life of mom of 4 found dead in Sheffield Park

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- After a 35-year-old woman's body was found in a KC park, a metro neighborhood is trying to figure out how to honor her life with a good deed.

“My daughter is gone. Boom,” Mark Chrisman said.

His daughter, Theresa Christman, hadn't shown up for work earlier this month, and no one knew where she was for days.

"I hadn't heard from her, and we text pretty much every day,” Mark Christman said.

Her family filed a missing persons report, but shortly after, the body of the mother of four was found in Sheffield Park.

“It's like being kicked in the chest by a mule,” Chrisman said.

Now four kids will grow up without a mother.

A photo of Theresa Christman with one of her four children sits in her father's home.

“I fear for them," he said. "I can`t fix it. They`re going to have to make their way. They'll figure it out.”

Christman said police are still investigating and waiting on crime lab results. He described what happened to his daughter's body as "horrific and brutal." He has no idea whey this happened, but he thinks he knows who did it.

“I told her this is not the person you need to be around,” Christman said.

But regardless, the metro father hopes the Sheffield neighborhood can bring some positivity to a horrible situation.

People living near the park are talking about doing something to honor the 35-year-old mother. One member of the Sheffield Neighborhood Association board had an idea to do a park clean-up and plant more fruit trees in Theresa Christman's memory.

“If they can make it a little nicer and do something positive, if they want to do it in her memory, that's great,” Mark Christman said.

But most importantly, he wants justice for his daughter.

“The world lost something with her. The world lost something,” he said tearfully.