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Food court at KCI airport reopens after crews clean up bed bugs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The three restaurants in KCI's Terminal B closed Thursday after bed bugs were found have since reopened.

According to Kathleen Hefner with KCI, bed bugs were discovered on a chair in the seating area in the upstairs dining area at Terminal B.

Officials closed down all the restaurants in that area -- Burger King, California Pizza Kitchen and Starbucks -- to clean and inspect. Airport officials say they did not get in the food – they just happened to be found nearby.

"Bedbugs in the airport?" Lenexa resident Maddie Charles asked. "That’s gross. I would definitely, it’s good that it’s closed, I would not want to eat there if there are bedbugs. They say they’re cleaning it up though. That’s good they’re cleaning them but I would still be scared they would still be in there."

Bed bugs are tiny blood-sucking creatures that can hide in narrow spaces. Many times, they will bite you as you sleep, and they can travel – usually not on you or your clothes but in your luggage, backpack or briefcase.