Teachers cash in on conceal and carry discount classes

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It’s a controversial subject: teachers with guns in the classroom.

President Trump suggested it, and Kansas’s Governor Colyer has already come out in support of the idea.

A metro business is helping any teachers who want to carry a gun with discounted Conceal and Carry classes.

In the classroom at the back of Frontier Justice in Kansas City Kansas, chairs sit at each of the long rectangular tables. Papers rest on those tables, and people take notes with pens, or on their laptop computers. Every few seconds, a muffled boom rumbles through the room.

It’s the sound of gunfire. And its not the sound anyone wants to hear in a school.

Frontier Justice, a gun range and retailer, recognized that. Ever since it offered a discount to teachers who take its conceal and carry classes, it has seen educators in each of its Saturday classrooms.

“Education is key,” said Brian Holmes. The retired police officer is the Director of Training for the Kansas City, Kansas Frontier Justice location.

“Responsible gun ownership through education,” he continued, “We want people to be smarter and more aware, more responsible with their firearms. If they are, only good things will happen.”

Almost all the seats were full in the March 31st class. Many people kept their heads turned away from the television camera. Some, they confided, would carry a gun into their classroom. But that’s a very personal decision they didn’t feel comfortable revealing.

Others, like Henry Bullock, came from the discounted rate. “Should I ever want to carry,” said the Winnetonka teacher, “I want to be able to do it legally and I’m that’s why I’m doing this today.”

Bullock said he did not want to carry a gun in his classroom. ”I completely trust our resource officers. They allow me to teach.”

Bullock had high praise for one he worked with at Winnetonka. “We have fantastic resource officers in our school. One in particular that just retired, Corporal Taylor, has been in charge of my safety and the safety of my daughters at Winnetonka for years and years.”

Bullock’s situation is special. Just last week, he and his daughter were at the Kansas City March for Our Lives.

“She is very passionate about what’s going in our current events,” he said of his high school daughter, “as is many of our kids. And were very respectful of that and very supportive of that.”

That March was organized in response to the February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

Frontier Justice’s discounted classes started soon afterwards. The teacher discounts have been so popular that the business extended the deal into April. There are still open slots. Click here to check the class schedule.

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