Joe’s Weather Blog: January in April…and not in a good way (MON-4/2)

Yesterday’s snowstorm in Northern MO is done…but not before laying down some 4-7″ totals about 75 miles north of KC and northeast of KC. 4″ totals were reported in Cameron and 2″ totals made it into Smithvile. KCI officially had their typical (but not for April) 1.1″ bringing our seasonal total to 6.9″. Records were set in different ways yesterday as well. Including tying a record low of 22° set way back in 1899.


Today: Cloudy and cold with highs near 32° (and that may be a struggle). Potentially this will be one of the Top 5 coldest 4/2’s in KC weather history.. There may be some areas of freezing mist out there as well for the rest of the day.

Tonight: Temperatures may actually creep up into the 30s overnight with some mist, potentially some freezing mist at first in parts of the area developing.

Tuesday: A fast moving cold front will sweep in the area in the morning That will create some rain showers in the region that might be more “functional” SE of the KC area…then we should see clearing skies in the KC area with temperatures in the low to mid 40s and gusty NW winds of 15-25 MPH making it feel cooler.

Wednesday: Sunnier (yeah!) but cold with highs only in the 40s. Of note the potential for near record lows of 20°. The record is 20°.


So about yesterday…wow. Thunder sleet…thunder graupel…freezing rain…snow…maybe other stuff coming from the sky…wild weather day for sure. N MO exceeded my highest thoughts (5″) in an east>west band of heavier snows…some areas saw their biggest snow of the year(s) up there. Plattsburg doubled their seasonal snow with yesterday’s storm of 3″.

This map is under representing North MO totals…

Here are some actual numbers…

We got numerous pictures of “dippin’ dot” type ice falling from the sky as well. That was called graupel.

Graupel actually starts as a snowflake falling down through the lower part of the atmosphere…but as it falls it collides with super cooled water droplets (droplets that aren’t frozen but are below freezing) looking for something to freeze around (a nucleus). Once those super cooled water droplets found something to cling on too…graupel was formed and come down. It’s not totally unusual…

There were records set too from a temperature stand point. KCI dropped to 22° at 12AM to tie a record low for the day. St Joe plunged to 13° shattering their record by 7° (impressive). Even more so Kirksville plunged to 6°…their 71 year record of data shows the lowest on 4/1 being 24°…that’s breaking a record by 18°!!!

The storm that affected us yesterday is hitting the NE part of the country now…

Today is a gray and cold dreary day. Temperatures at 10AM are in the lower-mid 20s…not sure how wer’e really going to warm up today. I was only going for highs in the mid-upper 30s…well below other forecasts and even I will be “too warm” for today. The 10AM temperatures (in RED) are below.

If you want to see a miserable look to a satellite picture…this is it.

The low clouds and some freezing drizzle will keep highs from warming up much…maybe we can get to 30° by the end of the day…and perhaps creep up a few degrees tonight.

This won’t be the coldest high temperature on 4/2 but it will be close.

Just ridiculous…

There is one good day coming…Thursday…60-65° possible.

Then more cold air…maybe even some flakes on either Friday or Saturday…with more 30s for highs with some recovery on Sunday. I am encouraged for at least a few days next week…but again the overall trend still says cold weather through the 17th or so with a nice day mixed in every so often.

Not pleasant and this is going to be a VERY slow start to the growing season in these parts. The garden stores are going to not be happy with what’s coming either. The baseball players won’t be thrilled…in general…just not pleasant overall.

Our feature photo comes from Linda Penrod up in Holt, MO of a horse statue in the snow…they had 4-5″ I think up there.


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