Joe’s Weather Blog: Snow ending…now the warmth (SUN-4/8)

Good afternoon…well some had a nice little snowglobe thing going on for awhile late this morning…it was enough, in some cases, to barely whiten the ground…but as I start this 2nd blog of the day…the snow is winding down/ending from the west to the east. So let’s get into the warmer weather that I’m seeing for the middle and end of the work week.


Tonight: Cloudy skies with some mist or drizzle. Temperatures will be around 30° so be aware that leftover wet roads may get some black ice on them…mainly bridges and overpasses. Untreated surfaces will be most vulnerable

Monday: Party sunny, breezy and cool with highs well into the 40s

Tuesday: Getting better with highs well into the 50s

Wednesday: Warmer(!) with highs into the 70-75° range. Windy as well with gusts 20-30 MPH possible


The snow continues to fade. Again worst was a barely coating in the region. It was coming down though pretty good for awhile. Temperatures actually maxed out in the upper 30s before the snow at KCI and then fell to 32° early this afternoon.

Radar shows the 1st wave of snow exiting the KC Metro area…

There is additional rain developing west of Topeka as I type this…let’s see what happens to that as it moves our way…temperatures at the surface should go up a few degrees but aloft we’re sort of stuck. There are a few brief thin spots in the clouds so the temperatures should rise a bit before the next wave comes in…perhaps more liquid than snow with the 2nd wave after 3PM or so from west to east.

The next item of interest will be a developing storm later in the week. The first will pass harmlessly to the NW of KC BUT it will allow much warmer air (finally) to move into the area on Wednesday ahead of a cold front. Here’s the warmth moving into the area…note the 90° heat out towards the drought regions of SW KS

The storm will allow a weak cold front to drift close to the area Thursday morning…it should slow to a crawl then retreat north on Thursday. This will again introduce the warm air back northwards on Thursday.

The set up later Thursday shows another developing surface storm moving through the Plains. This will be a notable storm for several reasons…1) warm and moist air being sucked into the eastern Plains…2) an actual dry line setting up in central KS and OK and by later Friday…colder air draining southwards. Here is the map for Thursday at 7PM

So a “real” storm like this should create thunderstorms…and it’s worth mentioning that there might be some big storms in the Plains as this scenario unfolds on Friday. Where exactly this all sets up though remains to be seen…it’s possible its close enough to KC to give our region the threat of severe weather on Friday. 

So several takeaways…

  1. Springlike weather finally returns for more than 24 hours!
  2. Dew points will markedly increase starting Thursday
  3. Winds will also be a factor with gusts to 40 MPH possible either THU or FRI
  4. Storm risks (severe chances) may increase but locating those risks now aren’t clear
  5. Colder weather will sweep back into the area Saturday. Don’t be surprised IF we’re only in the 40s again on Saturday after highs perhaps nearing 80° THU or FRI.
  6. Dirty rain chances. This type of storm is a wind engine in the Plains…that means dust and wild fire smoke may become an issue in the dry areas of the Plains…that dust/smoke may get into the atmosphere and spread (with the strong winds) into the region. If the rain we get is more showery on Friday…the dirt/dust could actually mix with the rain and we get “dirty” rain in KC. It’s not unusual for this time of the year for this to happen.
  7. Hard freeze potential returns next Sunday morning…perhaps record lows again? The record is 22° in 1983
  8. Another run at a record low next Monday? Record is 28° in 1921
  9. Lots of variable weather after that with ups and downs.

So there you go…more crazy April weather on the way. Hopefully we’re done with the snow though…he says “iffingly”

Brenna King from Garnett gets the feature photo of the afternoon with the snow barely clinging to the ground.


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