Joe’s Weather Blog: Wintry weather moving through (again) (SUN-4/8)

Happy Birthday Mom!

She lives out in AZ where it was in the 90s yesterday…while we’re going through a stretch of 15 out of the last 16 days of below average temperatures in the KC area…yuck.

Also of note today is the wintry weather moving into the region. This morning, as of about 10AM snow has developed across parts of the area…mostly SW of KC. Moderate snow was reported towards Ft Scott where it’s sticking to the grass. Snow will continue to develop this morning and move in as the day unfolds…we may see various transitions as well this afternoon…some rain is likely to.

There is still some dry air below 8,000 feet or so that will need to be overcome…but that process has started to the west of the State Line.


Today: Snow moving through this morning…then some rain later this afternoon. Accumulations will be confined to grass, if at all in KC proper. The only way we get road accums is IF the snow falls hard enough to overcome the warmer road temperatures. Areas south of I-70 may get a decent coating on the grass especially…areas north may have too much dry air to overcome for quite some time into early this afternoon. At times that coating may melt too. Just a weird winter weather day.

Tonight: IF the roads are still wet after 10PM or so…watch for some areas of black ice to form. Lows closer to 30°

Monday: Variable clouds…maybe a few showers highs well into the 40s

Tuesday: Improving with highs well into the 50s!


This is another messy one with snow developing but it shouldn’t last for too long. Temperatures are in the mid 30s mostly and road temperatures are above 34° (mostly) so assuming the snow isn’t too heavy…all that falls should melt. There could be some areas though with locally heavier snow rates that could overcome the melting factor. IF this happens some local areas may see temporary coating to 2″ totals…we’ll see how things develop.

Here is radar…

The 1st wave of this seems more focused south of the I-70 corridor…again be alert for any change in the roads with the heavier snow rates that could occur through lunch or so.

During the afternoon, assuming the rates of whatever is falling lightens up…we may see more of a transition to liquid.

Here is the HRRR showing how things may play out…

The 1st wave is likely mostly snow…the 2nd wave is probably wintry mix or rain…that is after 3PM…

So we’ll have a few hours of snow in KC through lunch. IF it’s falling hard…it will stick, especially to grassy surfaces…if it’s light snow…it will melt on contact. 

Again road impacts may be varied in the region. There could be pockets of slickness out there where the snow is falling harder and overcoming the “warm” pavement temperatures. Then again many of the roads have been pre-treated and with temperatures above 32° those treatments should work nicely helping the cause for travel today and this afternoon.

Additional updates will come later today…with a more expanded blog update at around 2PM or so.

Our feature photo comes from…

Jacob Allan out towards Piper, KS


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