Kansas considers relaxing morning alcohol sales

A bill making its way through the Kansas legislature could redefine what a day is; at least, when it comes to alcohol.  Right now, in the state of Kansas, you can only order alcohol between 9 a.m. to 2 a.m.

But with this new bill, day drinking could start sooner.

Just like every other morning at Eggtc in Shawnee, the business has a busy brunch crowd.

Some people take their brunch seriously.  Danny Sands is one of them, who ordered an omelette, along with "a shot of Jameson and an orange juice."

Kansas takes its liquor laws seriously too.

Currently, establishments can serve breakfasts, but not Bloody Marys, until the clock hits 9 a.m.  Eggtc Managing Partner Brent Wittrock says that impacts his bottom line.

"We've already had three or four people," he said, "this morning at 8:30 wanting a Bloody Mary, and we just have to tell them no, you gotta wait until 9."

Mincing on mimosas is bad for business, said Wittrock.  Adding on even one alcoholic beverage would nearly double the average check (which, for Eggtc., is about $10).  An extra few hours of liquor sales could mean an extra couple thousand dollars - more money for the restaurant and its employees.

Eggtc. has the numbers to prove it; it has another location across the state line.

"We own an Eggtc in Kansas City Missouri, and we can serve alcohol as soon as we open," Wittrock explained.  "So we do a reverse happy hour from 6:30 to 10:30 Monday through Friday.  It would be great to implement it here in Kansas too."

If the legislation passes, sales could start at six in the morning.  Kansas patrons - especially those who work in the overnight hours - are already raising their glass.

"I feel like, when you get off work in the morning," said Danny Sands, "maybe you just want to go out and have a drink. Not being able to do that kind of puts a damper in your day.  Or, early day."

The Kansas legislature adjourned early Sunday morning; it will reconvene April 26th.