Kansas lawmakers approve school funding plan

TOPEKA, Kan. – Kansas legislators have given their final approval to an increase in spending on the state’s public schools amid intense pressure to respond to a court mandate.

The Senate approved a bill early Sunday to phase in a $534 million increase in education funding over five years. The vote was 21-19.

The House approved the bill on a 63-56 vote. The measure goes to Republican Gov. Jeff Colyer, who has already endorsed it publicly.

The Kansas Supreme Court ruled in October that the state’s current education funding of more than $4 billion a year isn’t sufficient. Many Democrats said the plan will not satisfy the court.

Senate GOP leaders backed a plan to phase in a $274 million increase. They said the bigger plan will eventually force a tax increase.

Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer talked to Fox 4’s Rob Collins about the plan and how it will impact Metro families.