Kansas City parents devastated after man drives into home while family sleeps

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro family is pleading for the person who crashed a car into their home over the weekend to turn themselves in to police.

Max Moore, his wife, Crystal Moore, and their two children were sleeping inside their KC home on Jackson Avenue early Saturday morning when they were awakened by the sound a car barreling into their house.

"I thought the roof had collapsed or something," Max Moore said. "What really happened is this man drove all the way through my house."

The driver rammed through the front porch and two rooms before landing inches from Moore's bedroom where he was sleeping with his wife and 7-month-old son.

"I could feel a bunch of pressure, and I could hear both of them crying," Max Moore said. "We kept struggling but we couldn't fight our way out."

Max Moore said his family was trapped under 3-4 feet of debris. He was afraid they might suffocate.

"I kept screaming, 'Help! Help!,'" Max Moore said.

Max Moore said the driver tried digging them out from under the debris, but he ran off when his brother, who lives across the street, rushed to the scene.

"He said somebody was chasing him, trying to kill him, but he kept apologizing," Max Moore said.

"I could see the car in the house, how far it was in there and it scared me to death," said Mark Moore, Max's brother. "I thought my brother died."

Mark Moore helped free his brother. Crystal Moore had already wiggled her way out the room with the baby; the couple's 3-year-old daughter escaped from another room untouched.

"Another 6 feet and the driver would've went out the back of the house," Mark Moore added.

Max Moore had to get stitches on his head and leg. Crystal Moore suffered a torn cornea and sprained ankle and, although the children were not severely hurt, Max Moore said his daughter is traumatized.

"We were up at my brother's house and my daughter said, 'Is the bad guy going to crash into this house, too?'" Max Moore recalled.

He said drivers speed through his neighborhood all the time.

"They always fly down this hill, and they try to make the turn and can't because they're flying so fast," Max Moore said.

The family, which moved into the home just a month ago and were in the final phases of renovations, went back to the house Monday.

Max and Crystal Moore

As they rummaged through their belongings, scattered on the front lawn, tears rolled down Crystal Moore's face. Hidden beneath the crushed wood, broken toys and mangled furniture was a teddy bear that her grandfather gave her 22 years ago.

"I thought I lost it and then I see it sitting there," Crystal Moore said. "This is something that is irreplaceable to me because this is all I have of my grandpa. This is how I know he was watching over us."

It's a small bit of comfort during some of the most trying times for the Moore family.

"Part of my heart is broken, but I'm thankful to be here and everybody made it out," Max Moore said.

For now, the Moore family is staying with Max's brother. The family is pleading for the man responsible to do the right thing and turn himself in. A Go Fund Me page has been set up here.