AARP: Seniors targeted by Medicare scammers

2018 Medicare Card

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Medicare has started a major program to issue new identification cards to the nation’s 58 million Medicare beneficiaries, but some seniors are being targeted by scammers.  Their goal is to confuse and eventually rip off seniors who may not know about the changes.

The new cards will no longer contain Social Security numbers – instead – they’ll have a unique ID number.  It’s designed to enhance security and help protect against identity theft.

The American Association of Retired persons says scammers posing as Medicare representatives are:

  1. Contacting enrollees and demanding immediate payment via credit card of a processing fee for the new card.  There actually is no such fee.
  2. In other cases, scammers say that Medicare needs to “verify” a recipient’s Social Security number or other personal information before issuing the card.
  3. Another version tells beneficiaries they are due a refund in premiums or drug costs, and asks them to provide bank account information for the processing of the alleged refund.

Amy Nofziger of AARP spoke with FOX 4 about the changes.