Neighbors say double homicide further evidence of a neighborhood heading downhill

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Neighbors are on edge after two people were found dead inside a Kansas City, Missouri home. Police say they were called to a home near Belmead and Glenside around 7:30 p.m. Monday night.

Officers found a man and woman dead inside the house. As police investigate, neighbors said the neighborhood is going downhill.

“The situation out here is getting bad. There’s a lot of cops in the area now. I just don’t feel safe here,” said one neighbor, Bobbie Ryan.

Ryan has lived here since 2012.

“They knocked on my door, and I came and talked to them,” Ryan said. “It was about 8 o’clock, and I heard what I thought was a couple of firecrackers going off, and police came at almost 9, and told me there was a shooting down the street, about 3 doors down from me.”

She sold her house Thursday because she said the neighborhood has become more dangerous. She’s supposed to move out in June, but said she might leave earlier.

“It scared me. I said, 'okay, I’m ready to leave right now, instead of in a month,'” Ryan said.

Ryan said she didn’t know the people who were shot personally.

Police haven't released their names, ages, or how they were related.

“It was a safe neighborhood when I moved here, and now the drugs and everything are getting rampant around here now,” Ryan explained. “They had the police cars at this end of the street, and at that end of the street, my friend told me to go sleep in the basement. It’s all concreted in, make sure I didn’t get shot.”

Police want anyone with information to call the TIPS hotline.