SevenDays kicks off with blood drive to promote love, acceptance in metro

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A weeklong metro event to honor the victims of the Overland Park Jewish facilities shooting kicked off Tuesday with some love and blood.

Tuesday was the opening celebration for SevenDays, a seven-day event meant to honor the three lives lost and spread positivity and acceptance.

Organizers held an interfaith panel discussion at The Temple, Congregation B’nai Jehudah in Overland Park, just down the road from where the shootings happened. The discussion was led by a rabbi, an imam and a pastor.

William Corporon; his 14-year-old grandson, Reat Underwood; and Terri LaManno were all killed in the 2014 shootings.

Each of the seven days has a different theme. Tuesday's theme was love.

Donors give blood at the SevenDays drive.

Organizers of SevenDays fulfilled that theme with a blood drive. They’ve partnered with the community blood centers for the past two years. The man who killed the three victims was a white supremacist and targeted Jewish people on his killing spree. He ended up killing people who weren’t Jewish.

Tony Corporon lost his nephew and father in the shooting and said he hopes the SevenDays movement will encourage people to love.

"Right after the event, my mom said we need to do something to recognize that goodness and light will conquer ignorance and hate and death," Corporon said.

Mindy Corporon's son and father died in the shooting. She said she hopes Tuesday's panel was productive and spread messages of love and togetherness.

"Of course we all have diversity," Mindy Corporon said. "You and I have diversity. I have diversity from people all around me and differences. But we are all human first, and we were all born to love. We were not born to hate."