Family remembers Overland Park victim as a kind man dedicated to helping others

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- The suspect in an Overland Park murder Tuesday remains in jail as police continue to investigate the incident.

Meanwhile, the family of 52-year-old David Slater are trying to figure out why this tragedy happened to who they describe as a kind man who dedicated his time to helping people.

“He’s my best friend and I know he wouldn’t want anyone sad,” said John Slater about his brother David.

Slater lived near 83rd Street and Switzer with his wife and 22-year-old daughter. When the daughter’s boyfriend came to visit with his 6-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, police say that is when the tragedy happened.

Police say the suspect got angry when Slater objected to the way the suspect was disciplining his child. The two got into an argument and the suspect shot Slater. The 6-year-old girl was also shot in the leg. She is recovering.

John Slater describes his brother as the kindest person he has ever met. David was number 4 in a family of 8 children, John is number 7. He looked up to his big brother for lots of things, but most of all his love of God.

“He was very spiritual and with that came a lot of good works that he did,” said Slater of the good works his brother would do anonymously.

If someone needed something, Slater says his brother would go do it. They would show up and it would be done.

“He never looked for the limelight, never looked for rewards or anything like that. His reward was that he had done something good for somebody. He has done that his entire life.”

Slater said his brother David was a practical joker and remembers the one Slater played on his sister at a Christmas celebration. Slater handed out lottery tickets, but one was a fake winner.

“She opened it up and she reacted like, 'oh my goodness, won the lottery!'” said Slater. “She was so excited and then he was trying to break it to her and asked her to read the back of it and it said, 'to collect the money, call yo mama,' and had different things on it and she was like 'ugh!'”

Slater's tears were replaced with a smile as he thinks of his brother and the amazing impact he had on others.

“He was just an amazing human being,” Slater said. “That’s the thing that helps me too, is all the great memories that were built. You can live on those memories and it just makes you feel better.”