‘When I think about it, I grin:’ Suspect accidentally recorded himself discussing murder, court records say

Warning: Vulgar language is used in this story.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With the announcement of murder charges against David Jungerman in the shooting death of attorney Tom Picket, court documents released Wednesday shed light on the evidence against Jungerman, including recordings that appear to contain Jungerman admitting to the murder.

David Jungerman

While executing a search warrant at Jungerman’s home, an Olympus audio recorder was found on a bathroom counter, court documents state. Investigators obtained a “piggyback” search warrant for the recorder, and reviewed its contents.

It contained audio of a November 16, 2017 court hearing in Vernon County, Mo., which Jungerman himself made. However, after the hearing, the device continued to record. Jungerman left the hearing and met up with a witness (whose identity has been redacted in the court documents). They went to Jungerman’s property to check on some deer poachers he thought were hunting there. Jungerman is heard saying, “it’s a shame I don’t have a 17 (inaudible), from a distance, we could take ’em out.”

Prosecutors said attorney Tom Pickert was killed with a .17 caliber round, which is relatively rare. When officials searched Jungerman’s white Toyota Sequoia on March 8, 2018  they located an unspent .17 caliber bullet under the passenger seat.

A while later on the recording, the following conversation occurred:

JUNGERMAN: Yeah. Hey, you know, uh, people… people, uh, know that I murdered that son of a bitch.

WITNESS: Why are you saying it like that?

JUNGERMAN: Because that’s what… because of what the media done see. And but they, they, they just, nobody can figure out what’s going on, you know?

WITNESS: (Laughing) Ehhhh-huh-huh, I hope they don’t never figure it out.

JUNGERMAN: Well, you tell me how they ever could?

WITNESS: That’s what I’m saying. How can they? The mother fucker’s gone.

JUNGERMAN: (Laughing) Ehhh-huh-huh.

WITNESS: (Inaudible)?

JUNGERMAN: You know one thing? It tickles me, yeah, that… the bond buy and stuff, it, it… it, uh… uh, they… and you know the police know too, (WITNESS). Well, you know they might say, “good riddance.”

WITNESS: (Laughing) Ehhh-huh-huh-huh-huh.

JUNGERMAN: But well, you know, I keep saying this, we… we are… we’re gonna just have to stop, uh, saying even the word. You know what I mean?

WITNESS: Oh yeah. (inaudible)

JUNGERMAN: But you know…

WITNESS: (inaudible) … no point.

JUNGERMAN: Uh-huh. Yeah.

WITNESS: (inaudible)

JUNGERMAN: You know, uh, the… the thing that sort of bothers me about me is, when I think about it, I grin.

WITNESS: God damn! (Laughing) Ehhh-huh-huh-huh. Nah, I don’t even (inaudible).

JUNGERMAN: That mother fucker has caused me a lot of problems, you know. And…

WITNESS: (inaudible)

JUNGERMAN: Huh! All right, well.