Police responding to 911 call find 2 people dead inside Independence apartment

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Police in Independence, Mo., are investigating after finding two men dead inside an apartment Thursday morning.

Officers were dispatched to  35th and South Lynn Court at approximately 2:43 a.m., after someone called 911.

Police say when they entered the apartment they noticed the bodies of two men. They are now waiting for a search warrant to begin their investigation.

Police are now calling this a double homicide.

It is unclear how these two people died, and their identities have not yet been released.

Police are now calling this a double homicide investigation and say officers took one person to police headquarters for questioning.

"We knew we had two deceased subjects so we were just calling it a double death investigation, but at some point detectives have information that it was an intentional act by a third party so we are calling it a double homicide," Officer John Syme with Independence Police said.

FOX4 has a crew on the scene.