Joe’s Weather World: Bizarro April weather! (SUN-4/15)

This is historic cold weather in the KC region. What’s happening today has NEVER happened in KC weather history before going back to the 1880s. Granted that’s 130 or so years, but what we’re seeing today isn’t even close to previous cold weather days for mid April. So there’s that. We will start moderating on Monday (after a record cold start)…and Tuesday is a more typical Spring day for the area.

Forecast: (8PM Update)

Tonight: Flurries and cloudy skies and “bitterly” cold by April standards with lows near 26°. The record is 28°.

Monday: Mostly cloudy AM then some PM sunshine and cool for mid-April with highs near 50°

Tuesday: More seasonable with partly cloudy skies. Highs around 65-70°


I don’t even know where to start…with maps? Numbers? Data? Tears? Perhaps the latter. This is miserable. It can always be worse though…take a look at what’s happened up north in the last 36 hours or so…and still going in parts of the NE part of the country.

The reddish colors are 12-24″ of snow…my goodness.

No thank you…and that is from a person who has been snow deprived for 3 years and counting.

IF it makes a difference…we are breaking records this month…

We tied one record low…broke 2 record lows…and odds are today will be a record cold high and tomorrow will be a record cold low. So it is historical.

Through yesterday this ranks as the 4th coldest April through the 14th…can you believe that it was actually colder 3 other Aprils…although today may push us right to #1 in tomorrow’s update.

We are not alone…

Here is the April rankings in terms of the coldest…where you see 1’s that means the coldest on record (so far for April)

There are a LOT of 1’s in there to the north of KC.

Since the year started this is the 14th coldest start to the year in KC. Here is a look at the US overall…

As far as 2007 goes and 1983 goes…previous colder starts to April…

and 1987…

Interesting to note that in regards to having the coldest air (relative to average) for today…the Plains are the coldest in the world right now (again compared to average)

Here is a close-up…

So we have that to tide us over…

This really is bizarre.

At 1PM here are the anomalies (all below average) for the US as a whole…via Penn State.

So for the heck of it…let’s see how the summer of 1983 fared from a temperature standpoint…


How about 2007…


There were all sorts of flooding events in the southern Plains that year…including the remnants of what was Hurricane Erin…that came ashore in TX…and then weirdly re-intensified in OK, perhaps because of the all the moisture in the ground and air from all the flooding. The summer of 2007 was the wettest on record then in OK.


Oh and don’t look now…but there may be another mini-snow storm across parts of NE/IA near and north of I-80 on Tuesday…this may come on the heels of the storm yesterday.

This next storm may be a close call for the Twin Cities area.

The storm that will create the snow on Tuesday to the north of the region will bring some warmer (really just seasonable) air to KC on Tuesday. We’ll be in the 60s. Actually the storm will be rather reminiscent of what we just had on Friday in terms of track and intensity BUT this time we will be strongly capped and despite an attempt at some fast moisture return on Tuesday we may not get a drop of rain from this. I’ve got a 20% chance in  for a brief shower…but this time there will be no severe weather or anything crazy.

It will though turn rather windy again later Tuesday into Wednesday after the storms passage. Wednesday may have 35-45 MPH winds again.





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  • David

    You showed a lot of pretty pictures but failed to clearly explain much of anything here. More details explained in detail would be greatly appreciated. So what does anything you said have to do with the summer forcast?