Police still investigating 59th & Swope crash where 2-year-old was ejected from SUV

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police are still investigating a two-car crash that happened Sunday at 59th and Swope Parkway. A 2-year-old child was ejected and taken to Children's Mercy Hospital in critical condition.

Investigators have not released information about whether or not the child was restrained in a seat belt or car seat.

The child was riding in a Chevrolet SUV that crashed with a Pontiac. Police say the man driving the Pontiac was sitting at the light at 59th and Swope Parkway. Preliminary reports indicate when he began driving north through the intersection, the Chevrolet SUV drove east through the intersection.

On impact, the 2-year-old girl went flying out of the SUV.

A photo of the 2-year-old girl injured in a crash Sunday at 59th and Swope Parkway.

“He tried to get to the baby at the scene but he wasn't able to,” said the man’s mother who asked not to be identified. “People grabbed him and set him down because they could tell that he was badly injured."

The child was rushed to Children's Mercy Hospital where doctors saved her from slipping away, but she was critically injured.

The driver of the Pontiac was also taken to the hospital, suffering from head and face injuries, his mother said.

"His ear was pretty much cut up," she said. "He has bruises and scratches in the front of his face, and his head is literally like swollen, and he has cuts and stuff on his forehead."


They're painful injuries that his mother said pale in comparison to his concern for the child.

“He is not worried about any of that. He's not even worried about his car. He is not worried about how he is going to get to work. He is not worried about that,” His mom said. “He just wants to make sure that that baby is OK."

Family members of the 2-year-old child said her condition is improving. Police have not released many details. They said they're still investigating the crash.