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Community outraged after woman shot and killed while asleep in bed

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KANSAS CITY -- Outrage is growing over the death of a 24-year-old woman, shot and killed while home asleep in her bed.

Local rap artist, Don Juan

The incident, which happened Saturday near 69th Terrace and The Paseo, is prompting more people to call for justice.

Rap artist Don Juan, elected leaders and others concerned about public safety joined together to seek out witnesses to help solve what they believe has been a particularly brutal killing.

"We don’t want our sisters and mothers and people dying," said Don Juan. "What we do want to do is stop this in our neighborhood. The only way to stop this in our neighborhood is somebody has got to let somebody know what’s going on. That’s just straight up, somebody has to let somebody know what’s going on or it will keep happening."

Kindrea Brown had been a Kauffman scholar, and was taking classes at both Penn Valley and KCK Community colleges in hopes of someday becoming a physical therapist that specialized in working with kids.

She had a job sorting packages for UPS and when her mother tried to wake her for work early Saturday morning, she found that someone had fired multiple shots through the wall of their house, killing her youngest daughter and her promising future.

Kindrea Brown

"It’s a blessing that people really care," said Jenetta Hollis, the victim's aunt. "It's hard to find that anymore. Genuine caring anymore that’s what’s wrong with the world today. People just get into self. If you know something, speak up! Because if it was your family member you would want somebody to do the same for you. Please for God’s sake say something."

Police say they don't believe Kindrea was the intended target of the shooter. But they don't know why the killer opened fire on her home. Neighbors report seeing three men running away following the shooting.

Kindrea's mother remembers hearing gunfire earlier in the evening, but because that's common in this neighborhood, she says she dismissed it, and did not realize someone was shooting into her house.

Hip hop artists are urging anyone who heard or saw anything to call the TIPS hotline and remain anonymous. Up to a $5,000 reward is available for information on  homicides in Kansas City. There will be prayer vigil for Kindrea Tuesday at 7 p.m. at her church, Divine Temple, located at 73rd Street and Prospect Avenue.