Joe’s Weather Blog: Entering a potentially dry period (WED-4/18)

Good morning…a seasonably strong cold front has moved through the region this morning and with NW winds gusting today to 30+ MPH it will be a blustery and chillier day compared to Tuesday. We’ve had 4 days this month with high temperatures above average…today will be the 14th day of the month with highs below average. It’s not been the greatest April but it won’t be too bad of the next 10 days…trending on the coolish side into the weekend but nothing really that terrible.


Today: Mainly cloudy and windy. Gusts to 30+ MPH likely as the day moves along. Highs will struggle..a.round 45-50° this afternoon

Tonight: Record LOW WATCH: Fair skies and colder with lows around 30° Record is 30° set in 1953

Thursday: Mostly sunny and cool with highs in the 50s

Friday: Increasing clouds and cool a bit more seasonable with highs in the 60s


The weather yesterday was interesting across the Plains. Once again a rather significant surface storm moved through the Plains and brought big time winds and wild temperature extremes to parts of the western plains states. Dodge City in particular went through a rather significant temperature change. Yesterday they started the day with lows of 28° (4° away from a record low) then popped to 94° and set a record high. That’s a 66° swing in temperatures…

There were cities in OK that did the same type thing as well. Check out the high temperatures…

Some near 100° temperatures…

This heat, combined with the bone dry air…dew points were down to the single digits, and the wind…gusts were over 60 MPH created fast moving fires and also areas of blowing dust.

The new drought report is coming out on Thursday…this is last weeks version…but you get an idea where the worst of the drought is located…

Meanwhile to the north of the region…thundersnows are going to be a big deal across the upper Midwest today…

The storm has passed the KC area…

and will continue moving away…

But boy that snow up there!

Interestingly here in the KC area…aside from perhaps some showers over the weekend…and right now it looks like most of the weekend is OK overall…we may be entering a rather long dry period (mostly) to almost finish the month.

In addition to being rather chilly…this month has been pretty dry overall. KCI has only had .58″ of moisture, including today, that is almost 1.4″ below average for the month. The latest EURO forecast trends are pretty dry overall through the 27th.

Notice though where there may be at least some needed moisture…and that is where the drought so devastating right now…across parts of the SW Plains and into the TX Panhandle area.

It’s no secret how dry it’s been there over the past 6 months or so…check this next map out…it’s a ranking of the “dryness”. 1’s mean it’s the driest in the records…and so on.

LOOK at all the ones from western TX northwards into central KS.

Heck KC is 15th…

and St Joseph…I see you there at 8th…with some 4.56″ of moisture…and IF you want to go back through the last year…April 16th, 2017-2018…St Joseph is up to their 5th driest period, with just shy of 22″.

Let’s hope at least things work out for the wheat areas in SW KS…

OK that’s it for today…we’ll dive deeper in to the weekend system which will just give most of our area, especially from the Metro northwards a glancing blog…in tomorrow’s blog.

Our feature photo comes from Mary Jo Seever of the wind swept snows in NE KS from the past weekend…


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1 Comment

  • Nick

    thanks for the call out for St. Joe, since last spring or so it’s been like a precipitation groundhog day situation that just won’t end, I’m hoping the law of avgs. finally breaks this “hole” when we get out of this seudowinter and have a more moist atmosphere.