Royals fans give mixed reviews to streaming game on Facebook

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Wednesday’s Royals game created some franchise history. Royals broadcast history, that is. For the first time ever, the only way to watch the Royals game at the Toronto Blue Jays was on Facebook.

Facebook paid an estimated $30 million for the exclusive broadcast rights to 25 Major League Baseball games in 2018.

Many Royals fans were unimpressed by Wednesday’s spectacle.

“You can see the picture quality is not as good,” Brian St. John said while watching the Facebook feed on a big screen at Johnny’s Tavern in the Power & Light District. “So I’m not a big fan of the Facebook Watch thing so far.”

“I don’t really care for these Facebook-only games,” Annette Schloemer said.

Others were more understanding of the cross promotion between Facebook and MLB.

“A lot of baseball fans are older, but that’s the issue,” David Carrasco said. “How do we make baseball grow? Because right now (baseball) is losing to football and to basketball.”

“If it’s free, I like it,” Juanita Petryszyn said, pointing out one benefit over paying for a TV subscription to watch live sports.

The Royals lost to the Blue Jays on Wednesday 15-5.

The Royals have one more game in late June that will be exclusively broadcast on Facebook.

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