Joe’s Weather Blog: Some rain and then sort of OK (SAT-4/21)

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Good afternoon…skies are cloudy from about KC westwards but there are thinner spots in the clouds towards the east of KC where temperatures are warming into the 60s already at noon and probably will top of close to 70°. Farther west temperatures are in the 40s with rain falling. The Metro is in between a this noon hour…but we should end up well into the 50s before the day is done. Most of the rain this afternoon will stay west of KC as expected this morning.


Tonight: Cloudy skies with some showers in the region. The rain won’t be overly heavy but should be more persistent. Lows in the 40s

Sunday: The better rain chances continue through the morning into lunch or so…then hopefully somewhat drier in the afternoon. Highs in the 50s

Monday: Mostly cloudy with some filtered sunshine with highs back into the 60s


Let’s start with radar with a caveat…some of the lighter blue shades may be virga (rain evaporating before it reaches the ground)

This morning I said the best chance of rain would remain from near Lawrence westwards,,,that seems to be working out nicely. We have a dry easterly flow of air continuing in the region today. The rain that was trying to make it to the State Line area this morning faded quick in that dry air. There were some fast moving sprinkles and showers but overall it’s been a dry day in the KC area proper.

Towards Topeka…not so much. It’s been a persistent very light rain out there…about .05″ through Noon.

The better news about this is some much needed moisture through the western Plains states. Dodge City saw .39″ of rain…even Amarillo had .43″ of rain. Not enough for sure…but probably at least somewhat helpful.

Our KC rain chances will be increasing overnight into Sunday…the HRRR has been too aggressive this morning moving the precip east…let’s see how it does later today…for the overnight stuff.

Eventually in time, some of the rain towards the south of KC that develops will move towards the I-70 corridor. Once again areas towards NW MO will miss out on most of this.

We’re just going to be sort of blah for a few days with lots of clouds keeping temperatures from getting above 70°. Hopefully some 60s though will be realized. Not overly warm…not overly cold…just sort of in the middle but trending below average.

That is a trend that continues…look at all the 1’s below…that means that this April, through the 20th ranks as the coldest April (so far).

For KC…this is the 2nd coldest April (so far)

So let’s recap the year so far…by month.

Notice March and April and the lack of the red line going above the blue averages…and a lot of times where the red lines will be below the blue averages.

As we put the whole thing together…

For what it’s worth…for 2018 so far…this is the way the rankings set up…we’re 24th overall…there were colder more recent years…2008 and 2014

So it has been colder before…

At least for the next 10 days or so…we’re just sort of in nowhere land…not overly warm…not really that cold…just so so.

Our feature photo comes from Savannah Whitesell‎…she always sends me some great photos that I love to share with all of you!


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