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Group helps families find life-saving information for emergency workers

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SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan.  – When sirens are blaring while the ambulance is on the way to a patient’s home, first-responders are already thinking ahead for the patient’s treatment.

An organization called First File is hoping to change how families prepare for first-responders.   First File encourages families to have a folder of their family’s medical records and important info in plain sight, like on a refrigerator.

“A patient might be unconscious and it might look like they’re having seizures. Well of course we’re going to start treatment right away, but we’re always looking for why and what’s going on behind it. If we can have access to their medication, and a list of their past medical history, that streamlines the treatment a lot quicker,” Dave Johnston, operations manager for Sedgwick County EMS said to Wichita’s KSNW.

Johnston said paramedics and EMTs look to places like the refrigerator in the kitchen or medicine cabinet in the bathroom where people often keep their medications. He also advises, to keep the medication list in your medical file current, as medications often change.

“I always say that a patient needs an advocate any time they enter into the healthcare system and having that information readily available helps our paramedics be an advocate for the patient. And it’s able to direct them to the type of medical problems they have, that way we can direct them to the right facilities,” Johnston said.

First File has forms to download on their site, or complete kits available at several Metro locations.  For more on First File, click here.

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