The basketball league where the “granny shot” is encouraged

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LAWRENCE, Kan. -- The Granny Basketball League could possibly be one of the best kept secrets in the metro. It's a league with more than 300 players in nine states and there are four teams in Kansas alone.

Since 2005, ladies 50 years old and up take to court for six-on-six basketball games with rules designed to make the game safe but also competitive.

The game is based around rules that date back to the 1920s. The court is split into three sections with two players from each team filling each section. Ladies may not run, jump, or make physical contact with each other. Players are allowed two dribbles and have five seconds to either shoot or pass the ball. Scoring is largely the same however players are awarded three points if said player shoots a "granny shot" from anywhere on the court.

The uniforms are also based from the 1920s. Players wear bloomers and a numbered middy collar. Teams wear colored, knee-high socks to distinguish the teams.

Every July, the league holds a national tournament. The 2018 tournament is set to take place in Norman, Oklahoma and Lawrence will be the site of the tournament in 2019.

On April 28th, the Kansas-Oklahoma Spring Celebration games will be held in Lawrence. The event will be played at the East Lawrence Recreation Center beginning at 9 a.m.

You can find more information on the G.B.L. including how to sign up at You can also follow the Granny Basketball League and Kansas Granny Basketball on Facebook.

The league has recently gotten some recognition. Michele Clark was awarded $6,600 from the Phillips 66 Live to the Full Heroes program for her work with the Granny Basketball League.

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