Hyde Park resident offering services to help victims of ‘Glass Smashing Gang’

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- After a series of car break-ins, a metro neighborhood is fed up, but fortunately, one neighbor is stepping up to help.

“I will be making junk yard runs and would be more than happy to help other people fix their windows,” Ed Jones said.

After window-smashing thieves caused countless dollars in repairs, Jones is offering his services to help save other victims some cash.

“You can see two guys walking down the street. They double back to my car and sit by it for a few minutes," Jones said. "The neighbor pulled up. One of them ducked by the car. The other started to walk away nonchalantly, and as soon as he went inside, the guys elbow went through the window, and he was rummaging through my stuff."

Ed Jones

Jones watched his security camera footage Tuesday after thieves smashed the driver`s seat window to his 2005 Dodge Magnum.

“I hope that he learns that causing people hundreds of dollars’ worth of damages just to steal a $1.50 is not a good way to spend his afternoons and evenings,” Jones said.

The KCMO resident said he`s sick of what one of his neighbors coined the "Glass Smashing Gang," and he`s thankful police caught one glass-smasher.

“My car is my most precious object," he said. "I`m the kind of guy who takes a lot of pride in my automobile, and when it gets attacked, it feels like a personal attack against me."

At least a half dozen people were targeted, including Jones.

He's going to fix his own car and said he wants to help his neighbors, too.

“I`m pretty mechanically minded,” Jones said. “It will run you about 200 bucks to get them replaced by a professional glass replacement agency. If you can go to a salvage yard and pick your own, it will usually run you about 80 bucks for the part, and it`s a couple of hours install time.”

Jones said he hates seeing peoples’ cars damaged and hopes he can help the victims until the "Glass Smashing Gang" stops.

“A neighborhood is just one step above family, basically. Anything I can do to help my circle is obviously something I`m going to try to do,” Jones said. “Petty theft isn`t worth a $1.50. When they see it's affecting actual people`s lives -- I don't have my car for several days now because someone wanted to grab a $1.50 out of my car.”

If you need help replacing windows, Jones said you can find him on Facebook under his name "Ed-Ward." You can also message him on this Facebook page.

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